Welcome to the TMA Portal !

This portal is meant to become a community and knowledge platform for researchers working in the field of Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TMA for short).

The TMA Portal has been developed by the COST TMA Action IC0703 (info), but it is meant to serve the research community at large. Although the COST TMA Action has finished in March 2012, the portal shall remain active for the years to come. The TMA Portal aims at becoming a recognized point-of-access to the many initiatives, projects, publications, and research groups on topics in the TMA field.

The TMA Portal that you are currently viewing is a collaborative editing effort.  Populating the portal with interesting content is a task of the whole TMA community. If you are an expert in some TMA topic, you are welcome to share your expertise with the rest of the community. You could, for instance, contribute by writing a page in the section Research Topics about your primary research topic(s), providing a general description of the state-of-art and an essential bibliography (which of course will never be biased towards self-citations, needless to say). Please see the details on how to contribute !