The Final MC meeting of TMA COST Action IC0703 will take place in Vienna on March 12, 2012 (exactly the last official day of the TMA Action lifetime!).

The MC meeting is scheduled from 17:30 to 19:30, right after the TMA'12 Workshop (4th edition of the series). In the successive two days, March 13-14, the PAM'12 conference will take place in the same location.

The Final MC Meeting (aka "Final Event" in COST terminology) is OPEN: also external auditors, i.e. non-MC delegates, are invited to join if interested (but in case of voting, only formal MC delegates have voting rights), and there is no registration fee to pay for participating to the MC meeting. During the meeting, the Chair will summarize  the activities and achievements of four years of TMA Action, and prospect the initiatives that are foreseen to keep the TMA community up and running after the termination of IC0703 Action.  The Final Event serves also as an hearing and evaluation event: besides the MC delegates, also the Action's Rapporteur, the Scientific Officer and the External Evaluator will participate to the Final Event, ask questions related to the achievement of the Action. Based on that, they will compile an evaluation report.

As done already with all past editions, also this year we are requesting a small registration fee for attending the TMA'12 Workshop (150.- EUR + VAT for EARLY registrations before February 4th) to partially cover the organization expenses. We have organized a nice social event for the evening of March 12: a gala dinner at the Rathaus (starting at 20:00), where both TMA'12 and PAM'12 participants will be invited. Also, participants to the workshop will receive a complimentary gadget --- not the usual conference bag, but a cool a mountain rucksack !

I expect that most, if not all, MC delegates joining the MC meeting will also participate the TMA'12 Workshop. This is not at all mandatory but we strongly encourage participation at both events.

Note on reimbursement for MC delegates. MC delegates and approved substitutes will be reimbursed as per the usual COST rules for a one-day event (hence, maximum of 2 nights for arrival on the day before and departure on the day after the event). For those attending the TMA'12 workshop, note that the registration fee can not be reimbursed.

Check the detailed program of the TMA'12 workshop and please register as soon as possible, possibly before Fabruary 4th in order to facilitate the organization and logistic arrangement (link to registration page).