Samos meeting

The 2nd meeting of the COST TMA Action was held in Samos Island, Greece, on 22-23 September (co-located with MANWEEK 08).

Minutes from the MC meeting

Technical Presentations



Notes from the WG chairs about the most relevant issues arise in the technical presentations:

WG1 chair notes

WG2 chair notes

WG3 chair notes

Notes about possible collaborations and action points emerged in the technical presentations (link)

List of presentations for WG1 (chaired by Elisa Boschi)

Session 1: Tools

1. C. Brandauer, Salzburg Research: Measurement Infrastructure for Network Research (MINER)

2. D. Costantini, NEC Europe: Enabling high speed and extensible real time communications monitoring

3. A. Barbuzzi, Politecnico di Bari: An active measurements approach to discover 3G network parameter settings

Session 2: Emerging research challenges in monitoring

4. A. Kind, IBM Zurich: Advanced monitoring and the awareness plane

5. T. Zseby, FOKUS: Sampling techniques and challenges

6. E. Boschi, Hitachi Europe: Privacy-aware network monitoring (PRISM) : Requirements and challenges posed by data protection law.

7. Maria Papadopouli, University of Crete & FORTH: Accurate & scalable models for wireless traffic workload

Session 3: Data Sharing and anonymisation

8. M. Burkhardt, ETH Zurich: Balancing Risk and Utility in Flow Trace Anonymization

9. T. Zseby, FOKUS: The MOME Repository (an opportunity for TMA?)

List of presentations for WG2 (chaired by Udo Krieger)

Session 1: Traffic caracterisation session

1. Natalia Markovich, Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences: Slice-Based VBR Video Traffic Classification

2. Maria Papadopouli, University of Crete & FORTH: Multi-level application-based traffic characterization and modeling in a large-scale wireless networks

3. Udo Krieger, Bamberg Univ.: Measurement and Analysis of Peer-to-Peer IPTV

4. Christian Callegari, Università di Pisa: On the Use of Compression Algorithms for Network Traffic Classification

Session 2: Traffic identification Session

5. Valentín Carela, UPC Barcelona : Identification of Network Applications based on Machine Learning Techniques

6. Alberto Dainotti, University of Napoli : Platforms and Techniques for Online Traffic Identification

7. Alessandro Finamore, Politechnico di Torino: KISS: Chi-Square Signatures for Internet Traffic Classification

8. Mohammad Jaber, INRIA: Iterative packet-based approach for traffic classification

9. Jean-Laurent Costeux, France Telecom R&D - France: Comparison between several classification methods and building of a reference dataset

List of presentations for WG3 (chaired by Maurizio Molina)

Session 1: Network Measurements for QoS Control

1. Diego Costantini, NEC Laboratories Europe - Germany: Presence Enriched Terminal QoS Monitoring

2. Pekka Perälä and Kostas Pentikousis, VTT - Finland: Multipoint QoS measurements

3. Jorma Kilpi, VTT, Finland: Testing the One-Way Active Measurement Protocol (OWAMP) for SLA compliance monitoring purposes

4. Jean Laurent Costeux, France Telecom R&D - France: General troubleshooting methods and anomalies monitoring for passive estimation of experienced quality

5. Nicolas Simar, DANTE - UK: The perfSONAR Network Monitoring Framework

6. Andrzej Bęben, Politechnika Warszawska - Poland: EuQoS system - monitoring and monitoring system for end-2-end QoS network

Session 2 - Applications of TMA to Security

7. Maurizio Molina, DANTE - UK: Experiences with tools for network anomaly detection in the GÉANT2 core

8. Martin Burkhart, ETH - Switzerland: FLAME: A Flow-Level Anomaly Modelling Engine

9. Fabio Ricciato, FTW - Austria: Statistical Anomaly Detection in a real 3G mobile network: experience and lessons learned