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Kicking-off the TMA Portal

Welcome to the brand-new TMA portal !

This portal is meant to become a community and knowledge platform for researchers working in the broad and exciting field of Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TMA).

Let's take a brief jump into the future...

Are you a starting PhD student in need of an up-to-date state-of-art about the research topic X you are going to attack ? Well, (you'll) find it on the portal :-) in the Topics section, where expert researchers have collectively contributed to post their knowledge on topic X. And when you too get to become an expert of the matter, do not forget to add your bit to it !

Are you working on the research problem Y and want to find and exchange your ideas with other colleagues sweating on the same problem ? Just visit the Forum section and (you'll) find the relevant discussion forum to sneak in. It isn't there yet ? Well, dare to start a new forum then.

Are you seeking to learn about ongoing projects, tools, traces and other publicly available resources for your research ?  Again, (you'll) find them in the Activities and Resources sections of the portal, the same place where you are going to announce the next tool your are going to develop.

These are just a few simple use-cases of the TMA portal. It is meant to serve the TMA research community, and particularly the young researchers in it. It should foster collaborations, confrontation of ideas, in one word: interaction.

From the technical point of view, all basic features are available and tested.  In designing and developing the system we tried to NOT overload it with too many fancy features: new features can be added if and when they will be recognized as needed, or at least as nice-to-have.  On the other hand, we have already implemented somewhat "advanced" features where we felt that they are needed right from the beginning.  The citation/referencing system is one such example.

Many things can and will be improved, and you all can help in the process by using the portal and reporting feedbacks, suggestions, ideas for improvements etc. --- for all that there is a dedicated forum on the portal itself (yes, recursion!).

Besides the technical aspects, the quality of the portal can be only as high as the quality of the content therein. Populating the portal with interesting content is a task of the whole TMA community, and especially (but not exclusively) of the TMA COST Action participants. For instance, you could contribute by creating a page in the Topics section about the research topic(s) you are expert of, providing a general description of the state-of-art and an essential bibliography (which of course will never be biased towards self-citations, needless to say).

Content needs not only be created, but also organized and managed. We will work on that as the content basis grows.  For instance, the organization of pages in the Topics area can be restructured and improved as new pages gets in.

Groups of researchers working on some topic can use the Forums to discuss technical matters, to exchange their views on recent papers, etc.

The COST Action section is dedicated to the Action itself: this section will gradually absorb the content of the "old" website (www.cost-tma.eu) which will be eventually dismissed.

The portal is open and publicly accessible in read-only mode to unregistered users.  The right to post in forums and create/edit pages is limited to registered users.

To GET STARTED, please head over to the section of the portal that introduces the different user roles and their capabilities.  This section also explains how to apply for an account.

For prospective contributors, it is very important to read the brief "Documentation"  before starting to add content: this step should really not be skipped!

Ok, that's enough for the moment.

We warmly solicit you to visit the portal and start getting acquainted with it.

We know that it will take time before the portal matures and it reaches a point where it is really used by (and serving to) the community. This is a normal "growth process", bottom-up, to which you all are invited to contribute.

fabio & chris

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