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    P. Abry, P. Borgnat, F. Ricciato, A. Scherrer, and D. Veitch, "Revisiting an old friend: on the observability of the relation between long range dependence and heavy tail," Telecommunication Systems, 2009.
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    @article{oldfriend-abry, abstract = {Abstract  Taqqu’s Theorem plays a fundamental role in Internet traffic modeling, for two reasons: First, its theoretical formulation matches closely and in a meaningful manner some of the key network mechanisms controlling traffic characteristics; Second,it offers a plausible explanation for the origin of the long range dependence property in relation with the heavy tail natureof the traffic components. Numerous attempts have since been made to observe its predictions empirically, either from realInternet traffic data or from numerical simulations based on popular traffic models, yet rarely has this resulted in satisfactoryquantitative agreements. This raised in the literature a number of comments and questions, ranging from the adequacy of thetheorem to real world data to the relevance of the statistical tools involved in practical analyses. The present contributionaims at studying under which conditions this fundamental theorem can be actually seen at work on real or simulated data. Todo so, numerical simulations based on standard traffic models are analyzed in a wavelet framework. The key time scales involvedare derived, enabling a discussion of the origin and nature of the difficulties encountered in attempts to empirically observeTaqqu’s Theorem.},
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  • [dalconzo-IJNM-2010] bibtex
    A. D'Alconzo, A. Coluccia, and P. Romirer-Maierhofer, "Distribution-Based Anomaly Detection in 3G Mobile Networks: From Theory to Practice," International Journal of Network Management, 2010.
    @article{dalconzo-IJNM-2010, abstract = {The design of Anomaly Detection (AD) methods for network traffic has been intensively investigated by the research community in the recent years. However, less attention has been devoted to the issues which eventually arise when deploying such tools in a real operational context. We designed a statistical based change-detection algorithm for identifying deviations in distribution timeseries. The proposed method has been applied to the analysis of large dataset from an operational 3G mobile network, in the perspective of the adoption of such a tool in production. Our algorithm is designed to cope with the marked non-stationarity and daily/weekly seasonality that characterize the traffic mix in a large public network. Several practical issues emerged during the study including the need to handle incompleteness of the collected data, the difficulty to drill down the cause of certain alarms, the need for human assistance in resetting the algorithm after a persistent change of the network configuration (e.g. a capacity upgrade). We report on our practical experience, highlighting the key lessons learned and the hands-on experience matured from such an analysis. Finally, we propose a novel methodology based on semi-synthetic traces for tuning and performance assessment of the proposed AD algorithm.},
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