MC meeting in Vienna, 28 April 2011

Date: 28th April 2011

Schedule: the MC meeting will start at 10:15 (after the first keynote talk of EW2011) and close at 12:45

Location: same building (Karlsplatz 13) and room (FH HS8) as the TMA Workshop.


  1. Communications from the Chair (budget, STSMs, report from COST Office, ...)
  2. Organization of PhD School in Napoli in May 2011 --- report by Alberto Dainotti, UNINA.
  3. Organization of next MC meeting in Autumn 2011 --- decision about date and hosting location (*)
  4. Report on TMA-2011 workshop by program co-chairsĀ  --- report by Steve Uhlig, Jordi Domingo-Pascual and Yuval Shavitt.
  5. Strategy for continuation of TMA Workshop series beyond IC0703 Action.
  6. Organization of TMA-2012 Workshop (**)


(*) Link to consultation poll: each COUNTRY (NOT single MC delegate!) should express one preference between Lisbon and Warsaw.

(**) PAM 2012 will take place in Vienna on March 2012: a good occasion to replay the PAM/TMA co-location which proved to be very successful in the 2010 edition in Zurich.