Quality of Experience

Quality of Experience (QoE) promotes a holistic understanding of quality, as it aims to address all technical and non-technical parameters that contribute to the user experience of networked services. It has become a hot topic in academia and industry, with a number of institutions performing research in this field. In the context of Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TMA), QoE provides new research opportunities, such as the prediction of end-user QoE by means of passive monitoring.


This Special Interest Group (SIG) deals with subjects such as QoE models, metrics, test methods and frameworks in the context of traffic monitoring and analysis. Its main goals are:

  • Extend current QoS-centric work within TMA towards QoE
  • Foster exchange and reuse of QoE models, metrics and methods
  • Encourage sharing of tools, experimental data and study results


Upcoming conferences and workshops:


ICC 2012 (June 10-15, Ottawa, Canada)
QoMEX 2012 (July 5-7, Yarra Valley, Australia)
MQoE Workhop 2011 (Dec 5, Dana Point, CA)
Globecom 2011 (Dec 5-9, Houston, Texas)
Technical Session at TMA Lisbon MC Meeting (2011-10-27/28)
ICC 2011 (June 5-7, Kyoto, Japan)
ICME 2011 (July 11-15, Barcelona, Spain)
QoMEX 2011 (Sept 7-9, Mechelen, Belgium)
Technical Session at TMA Zagreb MC Meeting (2011-01-27)
Technical Session at TMA Zurich MC Meeting (2010-04-08)
QoMEX 2010 (June 21-23, Trondheim, Norway)
PQS 2010 (Sept 6-8, Dresden, Germany)

Subjects of Interest

QoE Measurement & Analysis

  • QoE estimation based on active and passive probing
  • Mapping relationships between traffic patterns, QoS parameters and QoE
  • QoE models and their applications/use cases

Testing Methodologies & Metrics

  • Subjective testing methodologies for quality assessment & evaluation
  • Development of objective & subjective quality metrics

QoE-based Network Management

  • QoE management (in network, on server-side)
  • QoE feedback, reporting and root cause analysis
  • QoE-based routing and resource management

Emerging Topics

  • Inferring QoE from user behaviour
  • QoE classes (based on end-user requirements) vs. QoS classes
  • QoE for 3D Video

Knowledge, Data and Tools



Useful Tools, Testbeds and Datasets

Qualinet COST IC 1003

Knowledge Map

Due to its multi-disciplinary nature, QoE may have a different meaning for different research groups, a fact that explains the current diversity of approaches to investigating and applying the concept. In order to facilitate the exchange of information among participating institutions we compiled a research carthography in the table below. This "knowledge map" can be used as a reference to initiate collaborations within the QoE community:

Institution(s) Name(s) Topics Suggested add. Topics
FTW - Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien Raimund Schatz, Alessandro D'Alconzo, Peter Reichl, Fabio Ricciato, Sebastian Egger QoE for VoIP and data services, Mapping QoS -> QoE, Subjective test methodologies, QoE estimation based on passive probing QoE feedback and reporting
Deutsche Telekom Labs, TU Berlin Sebastian Möller, Alexander Raake, Marcel Wältermann, Marie-Neige Garcia, Benjamin Belmudez, Blazej Lewcio,
Hans Einsiedler (DT)
QoE of Speech Audio and Video, subjective evaluation methods, quality prediction models, definitions and taxonomies, E2E QoS provisioning, Wireless QoE/S
AGH University of Science and Technology, Department of Telecommunication Lucjan Janowski, Piotrek Romaniak, Mikolaj Leszczuk, Michal Grega, Zdzislaw Papir We are involved in HDTV test plan organised by VQEG (Video Quality Expert Group, www.vqeg.org) and more other VQEG activities. In addition we have started to work on 3D QoE.Our main interest are: Data analysis and some specific statistics methods. Picture analysis, testers agreement and use cases related to public safety. Subjective Tests
Karlstad University Andreas Kassler, Anna Brunström QoE Estimation based on in-Network Monitoring, QoE based resource management, Subjective Testing for QoE Evaluation
Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Institute of Control Sciences Natalia Markovich, Udo Krieger, Prof. Sandrine Vaton (Telecom Bretagne) Video and voice traffic QoS related to QoE QoE and QoS in P2P applications
Blekinge Institute of Technology, School of Computing Patrik Arlos, Markus Fiedler, Hans-Jürgen Zepernick Matching Network QoS to QoE (Web/Game/Generic/Security), QoE of streaming mobile video
Orange Labs (France Telecom R&D) Frederic Guyard, Denis Collange, Frédérique Millo QoE terminology and definitions, QoE service models, human factors mapping to QoE, subjective test methodologies. QoE monitoring and analysis (joins the SIG about anomaly detection). QoE feedback and root cause analysis. QoE timescales. Instantaneous vs. global (post-mortem) QoE.
LiSSi, UPEC, France Abdelhamid Mellouk, Nouha Sghaier,
Hai Anh Tran
Measurement of QoE parameters and the impact of Routing Qos based solutions
Relationship between QoE and QoS
Constraint Routing
University of Vienna, Future Communications, Department of Distributed & Multimedia Systems Shelley Buchinger, Kurt Tutschku, Helmut Hlavacs Applicable methods to assess QoE in networks and network apllications, Deriving QoE from QoS-parameters
University of Wuerzburg Tobias Hossfeld, Daniel Schlosser, Thomas Zinner,Dirk Staehle, Rastin Pries QoE management (monitoring, control) in the network, QoE management at the end host, relationships between QoS and QoE,QoE based Resource Management a) Influence of QoS on QoE, b) application of QoE monitoring, c) use cases for the QoE models, d) modeling and performance analysis: From QoE to user behavior/acceptability, i.e. linking of QoE models and user behavior, e) determine QoE application classes (although we may have similar traffic patterns for certain applications, the QoE classes may be completely different), f) traffic identification methods for QoE classes
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Centre for Quantifiable Quality of Service in Communication Systems (Q2S) Andrew Perkis, Ulrich Reiter, Peter Svensson, Junyong You, Eugene Myakotnykh, Jie Xu, Adam Borowiak Subjective quality assessment of audio, video and multimodal content; development of objective quality metrics for multimedia applications QoE in interactive applications and serious games
Eurecom Ernst Biersack, Guillaume Urvoy-Keller Quality of experience with respect to video streaming (for all types of networks)
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Maja Matijasevic, Mirko Suznjevic, Ognjen Dobrijevic, Lea Skorin-Kapov User behavior in networked games as related to trafficRelationship/mapping between QoS and QoE
Delft University of Technology Piet Van Mieghem, Rob Kooij, Fernando Kuipers, Yue Lu Subjective and Objective measurement study for the Quality of Experience of P2PTV and video conferencing. QoS and QoE Measurment framework for P2P multimedia services.
Foundation for Research & Technology-Hellas,University of Crete Maria Papadopouli Subjective and Objective Measurements for the Quality of Experience of VoIP services
University of Geneva (Switzerland) Katarzyna Wac Quality of Experience & Quality of Service for m-health services for patient telemonitoring and teletratment methodologies for qualitative and quantitative QoE and QoS evaluation for mobile (streaming and interactive) services

created 2010 by Raimund Schatz, FTW
Technical Session at Zagreb MC Meeting (2011-01-27)