Traces collections

Please enter here trace collections with short description ONLY. A collection can be private only. In this case we know the institution holder, it can help to start a STSM or other cooperation.

Link Main type of traces Advantages Disadvantages Public/Private
CAIDA Diverse Large searching opportunities, really new traces ... Public/Private
MAWI Backbone Really extraordinary collection of traces measured for very long time One type of traces Public/Private
DatCat Diverse Very good search engine, lots of different traces' collections ... Public/Private
Openpacket Diverse It is open, theoretically you can find any type of trace In fact there are not few professional traces Public
ITA Diverse Different type of traces Just few traces and most of them are old Public
CRAWDAD Wireless Really large and diverse collection Only wireless Public
TOTEM Traffic matrix Long period (4 months) Specific format Public
WITS Campus/Diverse Traces from different Universities (1999-2005). Just recently released publicly ... more coming up soon? Relatively outdated Public/Private
LBNL/ICSI Enterprise Spanning 100 hours of internal enterprise traffic recorded at a medium-sized site during 2004/2005 Public
UNIBS Campus Traffic collected from a subnet of 20 hosts used by students and dept. personnel, anonymized but with associated ground truth metadata, collected with the GT tool Relatively small in size, few hosts Public
RIPE NCC Data Repository Diverse Contains WITS archive, NLANR data, etc. Open for hosting
interesting data that needs a new home
pcapr Single protocols Annotated Very short traces, for single protocols/features Public